“Zoupetella”, hosted by Sue and Paul Zeppetella on November 12, 2012, was a “zuper” success.

posted Apr 1, 2013, 4:33 AM by Tracy Panczyszyn

 All interested members brought their favorite homemade soups to Gene and Joey’s very big cottage. Additional members came to be part of the tastings. There were approximately fourteen different soups to choose from, as well as a large variety of desserts. Paul also provided a perfect Italian bread which he purchased from a friend who owns a bakery in the city.

Every time an individual chose a new soup they had to move to a different table. It was an enjoyable and easy way to meet new friends. Jo Anne Camann added to the excitement by providing an international soup puzzle. Tables had to identify the countries from which a variety of soups originated. The weather also cooperated as it was a rainy and windy evening, just perfect for a bowl of yummy soup!

Sue also purchased a variety of kitchen related items and wrapped them up for door prizes. There was a great deal of interest in the contents of each package as they somehow related to making soup in your own kitchen. It all was delicious and a fun event.